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    Empowering Women, Men & Children through Guided Meditation,         Drumming, Motivational Classes, Workshops, Retreats and more! 


     What IS Guided                Meditation?
 Guided Meditation is simply meditation with a guide who occupies your mind with a sort of "story time" helping you focus your attention on the things you enjoy the most; a mountain stream, an over-water bungalow or whatever you find relaxing. It is almost identical to hypnosis, but guided meditation has a spiritual aspect to it that regular hypnosis is lacking. It is the perfect way to learn to get into a deep, meditative state as you lay back, relax and listen to the words of your guide, often accompanied by soft music, drumming and other soothing sounds. By working privately with my clients I am able to help them with any personal issues they are dealing with. I always enjoy a discussion time before guiding my clients so I can help them in a very unique & personalized fashion. It is quite effective at changing habits and overcoming grief, anger & any other issue troubling you! In addition to that,
I TEACH my clients how to meditate on their own, at home, so they can enjoy all of the benefits of a daily, meditation practice!
Make your Home a           Sanctuary
Choose at least one room in your home that you can keep free of clutter and mess. We all need a little piece of heaven at home where we can relax, meditate and escape from the chaos of everyday life. In that room you should have an alter. Just a simple area or table on which you place pictures of loved ones and any other items that remind you of what is the most important to you. This is the perfect place for daily meditations and prayers.




Do you suffer from stress? Depression? Anxiety? Fatigue? Health issues? Sorrow? Guilt? Anger? Frustration with yourself, others or life in general? Believe it or not,

             Guided Meditation

can help you with all of that and so much more! I know, it seems too simple to be true but guided meditation provides countless benefits. A guided meditation is an experience that is not only relaxing, but it can also enhance your feelings of self worth. It can transform your perspective in positive ways so you will feel inspired to live your life to the fullest! 

   This event is OVER but check

    back for the NEXT ONE coming                       soon, this FALL!! 


It's just around the corner! Our next Free Hugs                     event! Mark your calendar!

                          in Old Sacramento

   Meet near the valet by Joe's Crab Shack. 

                 Bring a sign that simply says,

                              "FREE HUGS"

                           or use one of mine!!

        This is a transformational event! 

    What is this?? Just what it sounds like! We simply offer a hug to any and everyone who wants or needs one. You will be amazed how incredible you will feel after hugging and really connecting with another human being. It changes lives. It WILL change your life! Afterwards, join us at Joe's to grab a snack and share experiences. We always have a blast!!

This is a wonderful event for ALL ages. Bring your kids, your partner, your friends! It's a fun date activity. Join us! Even if you just come to watch...but I'll bet you won't be able to resist joining in! We may move around a bit but we will be hard to miss! Call 916-223-1144 to sign up! See the video below for more information!  

  I have my own YouTube channel so if you                    haven't checked out my short, uplifting

    videos yet, please do!  You can find my                  inspirational videos on Youtube by typing:                              3MlIEUbvytwOLQ62UZGQ  

                    into your search bar or 

          Simply type Karma Cristie into the                               search bar.


                     ~ Review ~

Cristie has incredible spiritual gifts which she combines with grace, kindness and amazing insight as she takes you through a guided meditation helping you find your inner self. Cristie also makes you feel "right at home" as she listens to "you" and responds with insight to help you specifically. I highly recommend Cristie for a genuine and positive experience which will change your life! Thank you Cristie!

 ~Larry Page

Rockilin, CA

28 Aug. 2016

**The video below was taken by a writer for the Sacramento Bee Newspaper during a Free Hugs event. I usually host theses events twice a year. Planning for the next one is underway and will probably take place in March, so check back often to learn more about, and PARTICIPATE in, the next one!!

        *(Pictured Below)

*Boil Pasta of your choice

  'til al dente (soft but still firm), then drain, toss with a bit of olive oil and set aside.

*Chop the following vegetables into small pieces~

   Red, green, orange and yellow sweet peppers using only 1/4 of each pepper.

   1 lg. carrot

   2 stalks celery

   1 crown broccoli


   1 can cannellini beans

   1 sm. can chopped black olives

   12-15 sm green olives w/pimentos, sliced

   1/4 C. toasted pine nuts

   1/2 jar Roasted artichoke hearts, chopped

*Caramelize the following chopped veggies over medium heat in saucepan~

   Sm. sweet onion

   1/2 red onion

   1 green pepper

   6 Lg. mushrooms

*Toss all together and sprinkle with salt, pepper and garlic salt.

*Drizzle with Balsamic Vinegar & Olive Oil. Chill. Serve. ENJOY!


        Balsamic Veggie

          Pasta Salad


Make your Appointment today!
A Meditation Celebration
Located in the Beautiful town of Loomis, California
 Just minutes from I-80, a quick 30 minute drive North East of Sacramento and less than 10 minutes South West of Auburn.
Wildlife is abundant, with wild peacocks, squirrels, deer and more roaming our 3 acres of beautiful, oak covered property. Please call anytime for an appointment!
There is NEVER a charge to just come and check it out. You won't want to  leave!
Call for address & directions!

         Karma Cristie

           ~ Review ~

I have always heard about meditation and the benefits but I wasn't a true believer until I had a guided meditation with Cristie Davis! She took me to another planet, literally! I have never seen my inner-self like that in my whole entire life! Her guided meditation has changed my entire outlook and focus. It's like I had been wearing fogged up glasses and I new see clearly! My anxieties have ceased, I can relax and clear my mind of work and drama, I see people differently and communicate much more effectively. I had no idea that meditation did all that. And It did a lot MORE that I have a hard time explaining in words.. All I can say its made me a happy person! I now make a 10-15 minute meditation a part of my life and forever will! If I'm in a challenging situation or having a hard time with something, I meditate and the answer comes, just like that! I highly recommend taking any course she has to offer. Cristie has a true gift and calling.

Jan Mendoza
Wheatland, CA

              ~ Review ~

To All my Dear Friends and Acquaintances who haven't had The opportunity or The Pleasure of Meeting Cristie.
I Highly Recommend One of her Guided spiritual Seminars, Guided Meditation experiences,
Drumming Circle or Simply her Professional Coaching and Guiding Through a Tough time in Your Life. She has Helped me Tremendously, and I know She has Something to offer All of You!

Roseville, CA

       There is no extra charge for planning your own customized group Meditation, Drumming and/or Burning Bowl event! So get a group of friends together and let me help you plan a truly exceptional afternoon or evening that you will never forget! Call                         me at 916-223-1144.  I look forward to hearing from you!



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