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 Drumming reduces stress & boosts the immune system. It  produces deeper self awareness by increasing alpha waves  and helps release negative feelings and emotional trauma.  Drumming helps us conect with ourselves & others as well  as the rhythms all around us. Drumming provides a path  by which we may access a Higher Power. It grounds us in  the moment & helps us reach a state of self realization.              And...DRUMMING IS FUN!! 


  I hold Drum Circles at least once a week, more by request. Sometimes they are coed and I encourage families to bring  children who are old enough to participate. Some Drum Circles are for women only. I will always post details for all of my  sessions. Drum Circles are held in my studio and occasionally outside around a fire on my property. A Drum Circle can last  from an hour to 90 minutes. It is only $10.00 each to participate. I also offer private Drum Circles for you and your friends.

 Please contact me for details.



When: FRIDAY, April 29, 2016 @ 7:00 p.m.

Cost: $10 per person

Where: A Meditation Celebration Studio

                      2890 Mardell Lane

                      Loomis, CA 95650

     This a unique Date Night experience! Or Grab a group of friends & try

   something new! Or Come alone and discover for yourself the wonderful healing benefits of Drumming! There will be a short informational question &

                          answer period before we begin drumming.

               *NO EXPERIENCE is necessary! DRUMS are PROVIDED! 

Buy your tix now on my "SERVICES" page! 


   There is Rhythm in ALL things!


  There is a definite healing effect on our physical body as well as our spirit when we drum. One study showed that after an hour of drumming the immune systems of the participants was measurably strengthened! So, during this flu season, don't you owe it to yourself to come do a little drumming?! 


                        A Meditation Celebration  is Located

    in the beautiful town of Loomis, just minutes from I-80. Loomis is a     quick 30 minutes drive North East of Sacramento and less than 10       minutes South West of Auburn. We are nestled on 3 acres of Oak           studded property. Wildlife is abundandant with wild peacock                 roaming the grounds daily. Please call anytime for an                          appointment and address. There is NEVER a charge to just come and    check it out. You won't want to  leave!

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